IReL supporting EUA Open Access study

IReL and the Irish Universities Association are supporting a major study by the European Universities Association to explore future scenarios for new Open Access publishing agreements. “The study intends to analyse the impact of the ‘read-and-publish’ (R&P) agreements on the scholarly publication system, while proposing new, viable ways to comply with the increasing number of …

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New IReL website

Welcome to our new site! And farewell to the old site, which lives on in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.  Ian Maleney was the web developer for this site and we would like to thank him for his excellent work, and for all his help and advice.  For more information on Ian’s work visit his …

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Strategic review of IReL

On the invitation of the Governance Committee of the IULCC, the HEA has initiated an independent strategic review of IReL, with support for the review from across government. This review will clarify the opportunities and challenges that face IReL, set out best practice in the provision of national research e-library services, and propose strategic options …

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