DSpace/ORCID Integration Details


  • From the Researcher Profile > Person Item Detail page, users are provided with a link to “Connect to ORCID iD” and grant permissions for DSpace to:
    • Get your ORCID iD
    • Read your information with visibility set to Trusted Parties
    • Add/update your research activities
    • Add/update other information about you

Export Data from DSpace to ORCID

  • DSpace enables synchronised writing of DSpace data to ORCID.
  • Two modes of synchronisation are available: batch (queued, to send overnight) or manual.
  • The user may select which data types to be exported to ORCID:
    • Publications
    • Project/Funding
    • Profile: Affiliation
    • Profile: Education
  • ORCID Registry Queue will present a list of the user data queued to be send to ORCID. The user can delete items or manually export to ORCID from this list.

Import Data from ORCID to DSpace

  • From Home > Import From External Sources > Publication entity type
  • ORCID is available to select as a Source from the drop-down menu
  • Users can search by ORCID iD and retrieve a list of ORCID works to import.
  • Please note: this search by ORCID iD field is not prefilled with the authenticated ORCID iD and relies on manual inputting of the ORCID iD.

Additional Features

  • Users may log into their DSpace accounts using ORCID as an authentication method (if enabled).


Administrator Configuration

Detailed configuration specifications are available here: https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/DSDOC7x/ORCID+Integration


DSpace/ORCID Credentials Process

Members using DSpace need to demonstrate their integration on the ORCID Sandbox. Register to use the Sandbox here: https://orcid.org/content/register-client-application-sandbox

Integrations are recommended to meet all ORCID’s best practices but there are minimum requirements to receive production credentials. Please consult the Member API Credentials Checklist here: https://members.orcid.org/api/member-api-credentials-check-list

When your integration is ready to go live, please contact the Irish ORCID Consortium Lead to schedule a review: catherine.ferris@mu.ie

Once the integration has been approved, production credentials can be requested using this form: