How to Find Researchers at Your Organisation (Without an Integration)

Monthly Member Reports

As premium consortium ORCID members, you will be receiving monthly members reports. The link for this report is currently delivered in the monthly newsletter from This report provides counts of ORCID iDs currently registered your institution’s email domains(s) across all time periods. This will capture current as well as past affiliations.

To generate these counts, ORCID searches for domains that match the website URL they have on file for your organization (ex: if your website URL is, ORCID searches for emails ending in @universitycollege). To update the email domain, or add additional domains, contact ORCID here.

Please note: researchers have the option of making their email addresses private, available to trusted parties, or to the public. To provide these monthly members reports, ORCID anonymises the registry data to provide member organisations with the figure of all researchers with that email domain (regardless of privacy setting). It is integral to the ORCID ethos that researchers control their own records, and control who has access to their records. This is why this is an anonymised report and it does not include researchers’ names.

API Calls in the Browser

You can run an API call for affiliation following the instructions on this page: This API call can be done in the web browser, it doesn’t need a stand-alone application and can be exported in CSV format. This will give you the researcher’s name and distinguish between current affiliation and past affiliation etc. This method only retrieves data that the researcher has marked “public”. (You can also search by email domain and name/DOI using this method).

Registry Advanced Search

You can also search the Registry Advanced Search interface on the ORCID website, but this will not distinguish between current and past affiliations and retrieves only public data. However, it might be useful to figure out if a specific researcher, known to you, has an ORCID iD: If you are searching under Institution Name, ensure you place your search term within quotation marks.