National Open Access Monitor: OpenAIRE Training Sessions for RPOs & RFOs

OpenAIRE are providing two training sessions on the National Open Access Monitor in November, one for RPOs and one for RFOs. All are welcome to join. These sessions will both be recorded and shared publicly afterwards.


RPO Training Session

Date & Time: 16th November, 11am


Presenter: Leonidas Pispiringas ( 

Description: The Irish Research Performing Organisations (RPO) training is strategically crafted to enhance engagement and elevate data quality within the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland while emphasising the benefits that come with RPOs’ Repositories/CRIS Systems being integrated into the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland. Key elements of this initiative encompass the registration of Repositories/CRIS Systems with OpenAIRE, aligning with the OpenAIRE Guidelines. This training is not only beneficial for RPOs that want to register their Repositories/CRIS Systems with OpenAIRE but also for those aiming to upgrade their compliance with these guidelines. This endeavour substantially amplifies the value of Repositories/CRIS Systems metadata by promoting improved metadata interoperability and FAIRness, alignment with IT and repository standards, and the delivery of more adaptable, context-enriched content with enhanced vocabularies. The ultimate goal is to unveil a more robust and qualitative RPO Monitor with richer and more comprehensive indicators. 


RFO Training Session

Date & Time: 23rd November, 11am


Presenter: Harry Dimitropoulos ( 

DescriptionThe training program for the Irish Research Funding Organisations (RFO) is focused on enhancing engagement and underlining the advantages of integrating RFOs’ funding data into the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland. RFOs have the opportunity to register with OpenAIRE by providing and regularly updating their project metadata, which will be seamlessly integrated into the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland. In addition, RFOs can play a pivotal role in advancing the scholarly communication landscape by adhering to OpenAIRE guidelines for specifying funding information and sharing essential public data with relevant Repositories/CRIS Systems. By doing so, RFOs have the power to drive positive change and unlock the full potential of the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland, enriching it with more comprehensive and insightful indicators, particularly funding-related indicators at the project level.