National Open Access Monitor Survey: Defining Requirements

The first stakeholder survey for the National Open Access Monitor Project is now open 

This survey will close on 28th February 2023.

The purpose of this survey is to capture stakeholder input on the tender requirements for the National Open Access Monitor. The tender will be based on the specifications of the NORF National Action Plan (2022), NORF National Open Research Landscape Report (2021),  Science Europe’s briefing paper on Open Access Monitoring (2021), the NORF Policy Brief on National Open Access Monitoring (2021) and the National Open Access Monitor Project Plan (2022).

This stakeholder survey is designed to:

Stakeholders, in this context, are defined in the widest sense: anyone with a role in currently or potentially monitoring open access to research publications in Ireland, or who will enable monitoring of open access in Ireland, or who will use the resulting open access Monitor, are all welcome to participate and contribute to this project. 

The survey is designed to enable multiple partial contributions from each stakeholder organisation/group/entity, so please complete the sections relevant to you/your role, and submit your answers. Please then distribute it out to others within your organisation/entity/group so that they may fill in the sections relevant to them.

To note: in order to comply with the Research Ethics requirements for the project, participants must complete a consent form (available here) and return it to before completing the survey. 

If you have any questions, or would like assistance in filling in this survey, please contact the Project Manager Dr Catherine Ferris here.

Online open drop-in support sessions will be held on:

To book a one-to-one support meeting, please click here.


Updated: 10th February 2023