Vidatum does not currently support member ORCID API functionality.

The Vidatum Academic (Vidatum Research) system does integrate with the public ORCID API, supporting:

  • the OAuth process during which the researcher provides (or denies) permission to access their ORCID record. In the current Vidatum system, the permission is provided to Vidatum and not individual member organisations. This prevents members from receiving individualised statistics in their monthly reports from ORCID.
  • the importing of public data from ORCID to the researcher’s Vidatum profile. Please note that ORCID enables members to request permission to read ‘trusted party’ data on a researchers record, but Vidatum does not facilitate the importing of this data.

Future Developments

Vidatum are working with the Irish ORCID Consortium and ORCID towards achieving ORCID Service Provider Certification. Their aim is to develop an optional ORCID module for the next release of Vidatum Research v4 which will fully support the ORCID member API functions of authentication, import, export (including the assertion of affiliation data to ORCID) and ongoing synchronisation of data via webhooks.