Worktribe/ORCID Integration Details

  • Worktribe is an ORCID-enabled system.
  • Worktribe allows for ORCID authentication to enable researchers to link or facilitate the creation of a new ORCID iD within their Worktribe profile.
  • Worktribe is configured to read publication data from ORCID, Scopus and Crossref but is not configured to write data to the ORCID record.
  • To begin integrating ORCID using your Member API with Worktribe, contact Worktribe directly.



  • Where a researcher does not already have an ORCID registered on their profile, they will be presented with a Register or Connect to ORCID button on their homepage.
  • This button enables the researcher to go through the ORCID OAuth process, retrieving their ORCID iD for the system and authorizing the ORCID member organisation to read Trusted Party data from their ORCID record and write biographical and research activity data from the Worktribe system to ORCID (the functionality to support this write permission has not yet been developed).
  • Please note that the Worktribe system enables the manual entering of ORCID iDs in a researcher’s profile page but only authenticated ORCID iDs are included in the Worktribe importing workflows.


Importing data from ORCID to Worktribe
  • When a researcher has completed the ORCID authentication process, the system automatically imports publication data from ORCID on a weekly basis.
  • This imported publication data is used to create a new entry if one does not exist, or to update an existing entry.


ORCID iD Display

  • Worktribe displays ORCID iDs on user profiles according to the ORCID display requirements.


Future Plans

Worktribe plan to add functionality to write data to the ORCID record within the next 12 months.


Worktribe/ORCID Credentials Process

Members using Worktribe do not need to demonstrate their integration on the ORCID Sandbox as it is an ORCID-enabled system. When applying for credentials mention that you are using Worktribe in the notes field.


Additional Features

ORCID as a search parameter when importing from Scopus and Crossref:

  • The ORCID iD is used by the Worktribe system in scheduled searches of Scopus and Crossref to import publications to a researcher’s Worktribe profile.