New IReL OA agreements in 2024

IReL is in the final stages of negotiating new transformative agreements with the following publishers.  

We are busy finalising the terms and conditions of the new deals, but we anticipate that not all of them will be signed by close of business before the Christmas season.  

Our expectations in the new year are that: 

  • Publishers will allow uninterrupted read access to subscription content to continue until the agreements are finalised.  
  • The terms of authors’ eligibility for OA will not change from our preceding agreements with the publishers.  
  • There may be temporary interruptions in publishers offering IReL-funded OA to accepted authors. If this arises, we expect publishers to retrospectively facilitate offering OA to eligible articles after the IReL agreements are signed.  

Updates on the relevant pages for these TAs will be posted as soon as the agreements are signed.